Hi, I'm David,

I create websites.

I improve your online presence by building you a unique and taylor-made website.

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Why seek professional help to create your website?

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If selling is your trade, you may have a shop, however having a website for you business is essential: it is simply not enough having a presence in the real world, for your business to grow, you also have to have a webpage and be visible on the internet.

Of course, you can build your website yourself and you will easily find numerous resources, tutorials and videos to help you do so. Why on earth would you hire a professional to do it? There's a simple answer to this question: you don't want an insecure website. A website designed and created by a specialist will be more trustworthy and it will help you get more views and increase your sales.

This is the main focus of my work. In keeping with your image, your values and your wishes, I will create:

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My services

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I adapt my services to your projects, whether you are a private individual, a company or a society.
I can create, maintain and put online a custom and unique website, optimized for search engines and social networks for you.

Responsive design in keeping with your corporate identity

Access to a back office to manage your content

Content writing and/or consulting

Redesign of you site or addition of new functionalities

Translation into French

Website maintenance: backup, updates...



I've worked with or for them, here are their thoughts.

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My latest project

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I enjoy eating out. However, it became a little more difficult to find restaurants after I turned vegetarian. In France, even though things are slowly changing, you really have less of a choice when you decide not to eat meat and fish. Still, I managed to find a few good restaurants and among them, Lili BowL, a vegan restaurant situated in Cahors. This little restaurant has a lot to offer but it was lacking a website. So I contacted Julie, the owner and chief, and I explained that I could provide useful services to her restaurant. Today, her website is online and her restaurant is ready to be discovered by so many more people!
I built several pages in order to present all the activities surrounding the restaurant, such as raising awareness regarding healthy and eco-responsible cooking and training courses on vegan cuisine. I added a form for those who want to receive a newsletter in order to keep in touch with the restaurant and follow the month changing menus. I created a back office for Julie and her employees in order for them to:

This site is custom made, built following Julie’s needs and will probably evolve over time.

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You can email me at or by filling the form below.
I’m based in Montauban, in the South West of France however a video call can be arranged if necessary.

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