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Who am I?

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My journey

IT has been in my life for a long time. The first computer I had was a 286 that my father had salvaged from his workplace after a fire. I was in primary school at the time. It was a dream come true at my age !
A few years later, my father became an IT engineer and I started building computers with him. I still build most of my computers today. Ten years ago, attracted by the open source philosophy, I switched from Windows to Ubuntu and I never went back.
Recently, I took a deep interest in the decentralized web and cryptocurrencies.

As I started to go to university, the Internet started to spread in France. This was around 1997. This amazing tool became a part of my daily life and I kept a close eye on its evolution.
I believe the web is one of the most important inventions of humanity. I often think I was born ten to fifteen years too soon for I would certainly have pursued other studies had I been born in the nineties…

But it’s never too late ! Today, I’m very pleased to change path to become a web developer. I am eager to be useful as I am convinced that new technologies have a big part to play in the future (regarding the preservation of nature, gender equality…).

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When I'm not coding...

Being of a curious disposition, I have always looked forward to learning and discovering new things: I am self-taught in a few subjects: I can play the guitar and know all about Swedish learning and coding.

Music is one of my passions. I have been playing the guitar for about twenty years; I still play from times to time even though it is more seldom. I like spending time listening to music and discovering new bands. My favourite style of music is metal (Black, Death and Doom in particular) but I’m also interested in rock, pop rock, electronic music and classical music.

I like cinema a lot too (Burton, Woody Allen, Tarantino…) and I am addicted to series (such as Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, GoT or Ozark are among my favourites).

Coming from a literary background, reading is important to me. I really like the gothic genre, Scandinavian thrillers and British romantic poetry. One of my favourite novels is Wuthering Heights and I am a fan of P. B. Shelley and E. A. Poe.

I also like other art forms, such as painting and sculpture. Wandering in museums is a thing I like doing when I’m on holiday and I don’t think you can go wrong with work by Waterhouse or Dali.

I like playing video games with my daughter and board games with my family.

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You can email me at or by filling the form below.
I’m based in Montauban, in the South West of France however a video call can be arranged if necessary.

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